The Core Features Of Our Kitchen Management System

Extraordinary kitchen management system to streamline kitchen operations and amplify guest experience

Pure iCook digital menu


Straight from the menu

With Pure iCook, you can expect unparalleled connectivity with your digital restaurant menu. That means, your kitchen system will be notified of an upcoming order as soon as your waiting staff generates an eKOT on the Application. As a result, not only can you reduce the amount of time taken on an order but you can also avoid repetition of orders and ensure that no orders are missed due to human errors.

Manage guest orders


Efficiently manage all guest orders

Helping you to adequately manage the orders, Pure iCook will immediately send over any orders that need to be prepared in the kitchen or the bar station to the kitchen display system, to the kitchen printers or both. Thus, including all the required the kitchen printers, print the orders in the sequence for the staff to see.

Additionally, the kitchen management system also displays live status of all current orders as well as upcoming orders, ensuring that no orders get missed, enabling the service teams to track order status, offer utmost transparency and the best dining experience.

Maintain order history


Maintain order history to evaluate the business

Along with displaying the active food orders in the kitchen, the system can also be configured to maintain a brief history of all the orders coming in. As a result, you can evaluate all your best selling and worst performing dishes and plan your marketing strategies accordingly. Additionally, with that information along with the sales data coming in from POS, you can even tally your profit and losses for a better understanding of your restaurant business.

Integrate online ordering


Integrated Online Ordering

Time is of the essence when it comes to Online orders. With Pure iCook, any orders placed online can be automatically routed to kitchen display screens without requiring a staff member to manually re-enter the order into the POS system. As a result, all orders are fully integrated into your operations, increases the pace of orders and nothing is lost in the shuffle.

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